3 reasons to send your kids to piano lessons

After studying piano for two decades, I finally started to realize how grateful I was that my mom sent me to piano lessons persistently. I truly believe that everyone will benefit from piano lessons, and the parents’ investment will have a return eventually.

Here are a few reasons why I have found that piano lessons are beneficial to everyone, especially our children.

1. It helps them stay out of trouble

I cannot promise you that your children will be perfect or they will never have a bad day. However, the piano will help your kids to be more disciplined and organized. They are constantly setting goals and achieving them, e.g. practicing, recital, festivals, memorizing, etc. With the time that they are practicing piano, they are less likely to run into trouble and bad influences.

There are many activities children can take part in, and almost any after-school activity will build their character more than sitting at home watching TV or playing video games. Piano is one of the many great activities your child could be a part of.

2. Piano vs TV

Okay, let’s be honest: I love watching TV. I know how much time I could waste watching TV. I remember my mom used to encourage me to practice the piano by 1:1 ratio of my free time. For example, if I practiced piano for an hour, I got to use the computer for an hour.

Now, I no longer need my mom to tell me how to use my time. I appreciate the time management skills I’ve learned from my mom, and it is so important for kids to develop this skill early on. It takes effort to get your children to practice piano, sometimes with headache and frustration, but it is so worth it when they can actually play the piano and make music.




3. Life skills

As I have mentioned, kids develop different skills through piano lessons. There are life skills they will build and experience in and outside of piano lessons.

  • Working under pressure

Piano involves hard work. Practicing is not an easy thing to do, but it is so rewarding when you achieved your goals and levels.

  • Working through disappointment

There are songs your kids will have a harder time learning, and they will experience moments of disappointment.

  • Teamwork

Kids will work with piano teachers and other students for recitals, performances and even group lessons. They will develop better communication skills with others.

  • Problem-solving

Playing piano is not easy, and kids will run into difficult situations when learning music. They are constantly learning how to solve problems and effective ways to improve.

Habits are developed easily, and it is so important for children and youth to establish good habits when they are young. Playing piano is a great habit to start.

  • Moving forward

Bad performance happen! We don’t let the negativity bring us down. Instead, we move forward and use the experience as motivation to make the next performance better.

  • Goal setting

We constantly set goals and make plans. When we learn a new piece, we make plans to learn it and be great at it.


Piano lessons help kids develop many skills, including physical, social, emotional and motor skills. I am always amazed at the progress of  students and the maturity they gain while taking piano lessons.

4 virtual piano lesson benefits for kids

A good friend of mine told me that she thinks kids waste their time learning music and piano because they eventually quit. I found it interesting because I never view piano lessons as a waste of time.

It is true that kids may quit piano lessons at some point and they may have negative experiences with it. But it is more important for children to have musical training background because there are so many benefits for kids who take piano lessons. With piano lessons through Skype, students get the same benefits as the traditional lessons and other great advantages.


1. Develop independence and discipline

As a mom, I want my kids to be independent and disciplined. Learning piano through Skype or FaceTime allows students to pay more attention to the teacher’s instructions and to apply it by themselves. They develop independence because the teacher is not physically sitting next to them.

Regular practicing can be a challenge for pianists, but it is so essential for improvements and developing discipline. As parents become involved in children’s daily practice, they are more likely to develop the consistency. It helps students to practice on their own and be disciplined.

2. Raise their IQ

Who doesn’t want their kids to be smart? A research in Canada shows piano lessons stimulate children’s brains and raise their IQ. Kids that take music lessons have 2.7 percent higher IQ than the ones don’t take music lessons. That’s impressive!

Higher IQ helps children to perform better academically, and they are more likely to do well in school and in other activities. The music resources on the internet give the student extra musical training and practice. It accelerates the learning process and effectiveness.

3. Prepare for the future

I still remember when I was in elementary school and the computer was brand new and unpopular. It only took a few decades to change the world with new technology. Now, literally everything we do involves technology. We can prepare our children for the future– the technological world. Virtual piano lessons provide a gateway for kids to explore the technological world through music and piano, and it has so much more to offer than traditional piano lessons. Virtual piano lessons include apps and online music learning tools that are fun for children.

4. Be well-rounded

Students develop a new skill as they study music and piano and it helps them explore different talents that they might have. Even though piano might not be their natural talent, they will become more well-rounded  as they study piano. With virtual piano lessons, students from all around the world can learn piano from teachers who might live far away from them or in another country. It is fun to learn about different cultures and walks of life through piano lessons.



For those who are first time visitors to my blog, welcome! I would like to share with you why I decided to teach piano lessons through Skype and FaceTime.

A few years back, I had a piano student who had five siblings. His mom wanted all of her kids to take piano lessons. I couldn’t even imagine how she tried fitting piano lessons into their busy lives. I wondered if it was possible for them to stay home and learn piano at their convenience.

That was the seed of my virtual piano lessons idea.

Now that I am a mother of an adorable baby girl, I’ve started to understand what busy really means, and the constant struggle to do everything I want to daily. Having piano lessons virtually becomes a great way for kids or even adults to have piano lessons without stepping outside of their homes. Yet, it is nearly the same as having traditional music lessons.

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