How to use LinkedIn to network

Recently, I watched an expert session by Nathan Tanner, a product HR at LinkedIn, about how to launch your digital marketing career. It is really educational and it helps me to know how I can network with musicians on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is like Facebook but in the professional world, where you can list your resume and experiences to network with other professionals. But it is tricky in the music career because LinkedIn was more for the business and finance world. But nowadays there are more and more musicians that are using LinkedIn to network.

The reason we network is to build genuine relationships, because 70% of the jobs are found through networking!

I encourage you all to take time to go through the slide show!

To apply the LinkedIn networking in my piano career, I will set aside 15-30 minutes each day simply to find people that I can network with. I will search from “find alumni” tool, and to just type “Piano teacher” and “Piano accompanist” under “keyword” in advanced search tool. To do so, it will help me to understand more of what I am getting myself into and to be familiar with the career.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.