How to use LinkedIn to network

Recently, I watched an expert session by Nathan Tanner, a product HR at LinkedIn, about how to launch your digital marketing career. It is really educational and it helps me to know how I can network with musicians on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is like Facebook but in the professional world, where you can list your resume and experiences to network with other professionals. But it is tricky in the music career because LinkedIn was more for the business and finance world. But nowadays there are more and more musicians that are using LinkedIn to network.

The reason we network is to build genuine relationships, because 70% of the jobs are found through networking!

I encourage you all to take time to go through the slide show!

To apply the LinkedIn networking in my piano career, I will set aside 15-30 minutes each day simply to find people that I can network with. I will search from “find alumni” tool, and to just type “Piano teacher” and “Piano accompanist” under “keyword” in advanced search tool. To do so, it will help me to understand more of what I am getting myself into and to be familiar with the career.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.


A Thousand Years piano tutorial part 2

Here is the part 2 piano tutorial of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri from The Piano Guys version. I hope it is helpful for you to learn the song faster and more effectively.


Please leave me comments or questions so I know how to make it better next time!


A Thousand Years Piano tutorial Part 1

This is so exciting! I am making YouTube tutorials on the Piano Guys music.

This is the part 1 of the arrangement “A Thousand Years” by the Piano Guys. I am sure most people know this song by Christina Perri. It’s so popular and I thought the arrangement is so pretty.

Please share this video to your friends and family who wants to learn piano, and the Piano Guys music.

I will post more videos! So stay in tune!



How to keep piano lessons fun

I have received a request on my blog to talk about how I keep piano lessons fun. So many of students who quit piano lessons simply because of a lack of interest. What if their piano lessons were not boring but fun? Would they have made a different choice?

Children of different ages have varies attention span, I teach kids that are from the five-year-olds, and they typical can focus for about 5-10 minutes.  Even kids who are six to eight years old and they only have about 10-15 minutes of focus attention. Then, how about the 30 minutes weekly piano lessons? How do we engage students’ attention with their short attention span?

There are a few ways I found that are very effective in keeping piano lessons fun and interesting.

Do not sit on the piano bench for more than 10 minutes

Since the attention spans varies for every kid, it is important to get the student off the bench every 10 minutes. For example, in a 30 minutes lesson, I start by having the student work on a piece at the piano for 10 minutes. Then, we will play a game that is related to the theory or technique for 10 minutes. Then, we finish off the last 10 minutes by working on a piece, technique or other musicianship skills.

For Skype piano lessons, it is more challenging because I cannot play games with the student on site. But there are other alternative options for virtual piano lessons, such as games on the internet and apps. I also get creative and play hands on games with the student through Skype.

Utilize music apps and games in lesson

For students who want to enjoy piano lessons, apps are an amazing tool and very beneficial. There are many apps that are specific for different musicianship skills. There will be a blog post just for my favorite apps to use in piano lessons, please keep following my blog.

Games are a great way to keep piano lessons fun. There are many games out there you can purchase, you can also view DIY music games. For virtual piano lessons, online games are great for keeping students engaged.

 Know what your student loves

This is huge for me, especially when I have a new student. I love to discover what they love and what they are good at. The more I know what the student likes to do, I am better prepared and able to customize the lesson to the specific student.

For example, one of my students is great at rhythm and he is very interested in everything that is related to rhythm. In the piano lesson, I make sure to cultivate his rhythm skill, and I introduce him in other areas of piano skills at the same time. When children enjoy what they are learning and doing, they are more likely to be interested on learning other skills and accept challenges.


I hope you enjoy the post and find it helpful for your kids! Please leave me comments and ideas of what you found that engage kids in piano lessons.