Choosing social media platforms

There are many social media platforms out there, and its overwhelming to choose which ones are suitable for business. Which ones do you like? And why?

I choose the social media platforms based on how much it will benefit my business and where my audience looks.

Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are my top three choices.

1. Facebook

You can’t beat the eight billion views on Facebook daily. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world today. That’s pretty amazing! On Facebook, we can advertise our businesses to a very large audience.

2. YouTube

There are one billion people that watch YouTube videos every day. When you use video to tell your story, it is great to attract customers into your business. YouTube is the only social media platform that you can get paid by advertising. There are many YouTubers that have made their living or a fortune by posting YouTube videos.

3. Pinterest

So, when I think about Pinterest, I think about women and arts and crafts. That’s exactly how Pinterest was established early on. Now, there’s 100 million active users on Pinterest and many of them are women. For my piano business, my target audience is kids. So, Pinterest will be a perfect platform for me to interact with moms.

Let me know what you think and what is your favorite social media platform!